Hi, I’m Megan (aka Luna.) I am originally from Vancouver, Canada, though I have lived all over the place throughout my adult life. I moved to London in 2016 and now, moved again to Brighton in 2020. I went vegan in January 2015 and never looked back!

I am vegan first and foremost for the animals though I do also consider myself an environmentalist. I also try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy learning about plant based nutrition but it’s unlikely that I will refuse a vegan donut.

My intentions for this blog are to explore the UK from a vegan perspective and share my finds as well as sharing my own recipes and cooking experiences. I will also be covering hobbies and interests of mine such as cruelty free hair and beauty, ethical fashion, low waste living and vegan travel; using my experiences to be a resource for new vegans and the veg-curious.


My Vegan Story

My vegan story begins back in January 2015. I had recently moved from Vancouver, Canada to New York City, where I was taking a year off from working to volunteer at a variety of places. I say “taking a year off,” in reality, I couldn’t get myself visa, and decided to move anyway when my partner got transferred for work.

While living in Canada I had been vegetarian for 2 years, eating cheese with almost every meal and eggs at least 3 days a week. It never occurred to me that I would have the same feelings about dairy and egg farming that I had towards the meat industry. Animals aren’t harmed in the process of milking and collecting eggs right?! Especially not in good ol’ Canada…

I had seen footage of factory farms in the US, so when I moved to NY, one of my first tasks was to look up brands of cheese and eggs that I could feel comfortable knowing that the cows and chickens were organically fed and given a nice life. This search changed my life. I quickly found brands that were promoting themselves as “organic” and “free range” made little to no difference from an ethical standpoint. For about a week, much of my spare time was used franticly searching for more information about farming and what is considered standard practices. I soon realized that there was no such thing as a farm that treated animals as anything more than a commodity. This feeling overwhelmed me and I dove into the world of documentaries. The final straw for me was watching one of Gary Yourofsky’s speeches followed by Earthlings (a rough afternoon!). My partner got home from work that day and I told him, “I think I’m vegan now.” Back then I would have considered myself a cheese lover, my favourite food was brie, but after having my eyes opened to the reality of the situation, I couldn’t even finish the dairy products that were in the fridge. It was tough at first making things work with my (then) pescatarian partner as he had not seen what I had seen and was a bit shocked with the dramatic change in my fundamental beliefs, but he respected my choice to no longer buy or cook dairy and eggs and he happily ate vegan food with me at home.

As months went by, my vegan views overwhelmed me. I felt isolated socially. Whenever the topic was brought up, my emotions took over and I couldn’t verbalize my thoughts on the matter properly, often leading to heated conversation, which as someone who avoids confrontation, was incredibly stressful.

About 9 months after I went vegan, I told my partner about a documentary I had seen which was about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, and suggested we watch it together. Knowing that he thought very consciously about the environmental impact of his life, I had high hopes. Lucky for me Cowspiracy did exactly what I was hoping it might and he immediately told me he was going to try veganism for a month. About 3 weeks in, he made me the happiest lady in the whole world and told me he was vegan for good. That played a huge part for me in becoming more comfortable conversing about veganism in a more rational way, as I now had someone who I could share my feelings with, without judgement and now shared my life with someone who had my back and shared my beliefs.

About a year ago we moved to London and at first I was scared to leave my bubble, and thought veganism may be more difficult in the UK, but thankfully it has been the opposite. London especially has so many incredible vegan restaurants and in general it seems like a much more socially acceptable way of life.

As far as the benefits of being vegan go, I would love to say I have lost 30 pounds, and now have flawless skin but alas that is not the case. I did loose some weight, maybe 10lbs initially, but with the rise of all the vegan junk food options (that I need to try for research obviously) I think that loss is long gone

Thanks for reading my story 🙂  I’m sure some of you can relate to it, or is yours totally different? Let me know! 

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