Vegan in Berlin

I’m not even going to pretend that this is a “vegan guide to Berlin” because on a 4 day trip, we hardly made a dent in what there is to offer in this city. Instead, I am going to list out the places we were able to try, and give my honest opinions of them. The dream is to go back  and try more insane vegan food and update this post as I go.

We will go in chronological order to keep things neat in my brain and on my camera roll. I wasn’t able to get great photos everywhere especially at night and to be honest, it wasn’t really a priority on this holiday, so keep that in mind and go easy on me.

Feel Seoul Good – This all vegan Korean restaurant was our first stop for a late lunch the day I arrived. We sat outside under an awning just in time for a summer shower. It was on a corner of a street with a market and a park, which was the perfect summer setting. The menu was big and everything sounded delicious. My husband and I shared a “tuna” sushi roll with kimchi (which was delicious) and then I had a glass noodle (somehow made from sweet potatoes) stir fry. Everything we ate here was really flavourful and fresh tasting and the kind of food that your left feeling really good after. I really enjoyed this spot and very highly recommend it.


FREA – FREA is not only vegan but they are also zero (or low, I guess) waste, which is really not something I’ve seen at a restaurant before. We sat outside and it was very European feeling (I’m still super Canadian) and the atmosphere was cozy and romantic with candles on the tables. We ordered a dip trio to start and we were also given some fresh bread with rosemary infused oil which was so delicious. The menu is very seasonal, so I went with a white asparagus linguine for my main and it was creamy and delicious. My wine was also perfect. I really enjoyed the evening on the patio at FREA and the staff was very friendly and welcoming. The only thing I would say is that the portions are not huge and I would consider it a light meal, even with a starter. Perfect for us this occasion when we had had a late lunch.


Delabuu Ice cream – This is the only spot we visited that was not entirely vegan, though I would say the majority of the menu is vegan friendly. It was super hot the whole time we were in Berlin so ice cream was a must. I was recommended this place and I’m so glad we went! I’ve never seen ice cream done like this, and I have to say, I did a great job choosing my flavour combo! I went for cookies n cream (obviously) with strawberry in the middle and topped with caramelized hazelnuts. YUM.


Secret Garden – This all vegan sushi restaurant is in the most perfect location, directly above the incredible Veganz grocery store(more on that next!) and across from a vegan shoe and accessories shop! The decor was tranquil and the menu was great. We tried a few starters and I had a large roll as my main. My husband got a more substantial bowl of yum which I was immediately jealous of.

Veganz – As I mentioned above, this is a vegan supermarket and not like ones I have visited in London or Paris. This is the kind of super market you could do your ENTIRE shop in! It had bulk bins, veggies, and everything else you would want. There is also 3 locations, though I only visited the one. I just cannot wait until this becomes a thing in London and hopefully everywhere else!

1990 Vegan Living – Many people recommended this spot to me when I said I was going to Berlin so I just had to see what all  the hype was about. The location was perfect for a Saturday night, on the corner of a very lively street with live music and people dancing in the park metres away. We sat outside and when I saw the menu I understood why so many people like it. It had an insane selection of food and you can order loads of it since it comes in small tapas style portions. I think we tried 5 or 6 dishes in total. To be honest, the food quality was not the best we had while in Berlin though our standards were incredibly high by this point in the trip!


Vetzgerei Plant Based Butcher – Whenever I travel somewhere new I love to try some traditional food from that place, which is not always easy, or doable as a vegan. My husband heard about this place selling all the vegan sausage, so we went to check it out. It was quiet for lunch which was nice for us as the staff was able to help us choose a selection of the best things to share. I really enjoyed all the food we tried and really recommend it to anyone interested in having a more German style feast!

Brammibal’s donuts – Last but definitely not least, donuts!! If you have ready any other guides to vegan in Berlin, I’m sure you have heard of this place. There are many locations throughout the city and seem to be quite popular. The selection was overwhelming and am kicking myself for not getting a box! We tried both the Boston Cream and Maple Bacon flavours and they were perfect with a cup of coffee on the street tables, even in the heatwave.   

I would have loved to try even more places but I feel like we did pretty well for our first visit. Let me know what is your favourite spot in Berlin if you’ve been or which sounds most appealing to you!


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