Autumn Thrift Haul & My Top Thrifting Tips

In the last few years I have been going on charity shop quests with the intention of updating my wardrobe each season. Second hand shopping is super helpful when it comes to not spending all my money on clothes, and also reducing my overall waste. In all honesty, I have never managed to get everything second hand, and usually end up buying a few little bits new. I’m sure I could have managed with my charity shop finds but it can be damn hard to resit browsing and inevitably ordering from ASOS. So this is a judgment free zone. I just thought I would share my Autumn finds with you all, to show that it is possible to find cute stuff second hand.

I would say my style is part goth teenager and part floral loving granny, so maybe not everyones cup of tea. I have gone through my 20’s (in my last few months of them now!!) thinking I should probably dress more like an “adult” but now my mentality is more that I should wear the clothes that I actually like wearing – strange concept I know!

So here are my favourite Autumn bits:


Green and black skirt with zips – This skirt still needs to be hemmed, but for 3 Pounds it was well worth it. I feel like it will go nicely with some black tights and chunky boots.


Midi green dress – I guess this is not the most typical Autumnal item but I had a late September bridal shower to go to and this was perfect. I paired it with black chunky shoes (as usual), a black cardigan and gold accessories. This set me back 4 pounds, and I will definitely be able to wear this again.


Stripey t shirt – A basic for any season. It was nice quality fabric and cost 2 pounds.


Black and white checked mini skirt – I got this skirt for 2 pounds. It is not great quality and I had to get it hemmed but it fits nicely and goes well with my mostly black wardrobe.


Navy long tee – Another quite boring piece but this top was so soft and pretty much unworn I had to get it. I do spend a good chunk of time in black cotton leggings and a long tee so this has been getting lots of wear.


Grey and yellow plaid trousers – I think these may be my favourite find as of yet. They are perfectly roomie and comfortable and look great with Dr Martins. These were a little bit more costly at 9 pounds.


Navy and white polka dot midi skirt – This skirt is a bit out of my comfort zone and to be totally honest, I’m not sure when I will wear it. It cost 4 pounds and is sitting in my closet.


Knit navy wrap top – I do like wrap tops and dresses, they are quite flattering for my shape but this didn’t immediately grab my attention but I thought I might as well try it on. I’m glad I did because it actually looked really good and I like the 3/4 sleeves.


Black midi dress – My last clothing item. I love this midi length dress with some chunky shoes or boots and a long black cardigan.

Homewares – I was looking for a soap dish for the bathroom and my husband spotted this soup dish and we figured, close enough! He also managed to find me some Halloween cookie cutters, still in the original package for 3 pounds!

I’m still on the hunt for a good winter coat but the cold weather is creeping in now and I’m not sure I will be able to find one in time! 

Top Thrifting Tips:

– Look in charity shops in a wealthy or quirky areas. You can often find quality brands for great prices.

– Get things altered and hemmed. If something is a good price but is too long or a bit big, it is worth spending the 5 – 10 pounds to get it fixed.

– Charity Shops are a great place to find cute homeware items and picture frames, cheap! So take your time and have a look through the whole shop.

-My last bit of advice is to go in with a few things in mind, even if it is a vague idea. Cozy sweaters for example or wine glasses. It can be a bit overwhelming otherwise. Although I tend to look through everything anyways if I’ve got the time but thats just me.

If anyone has any more tips I would love to hear about them, let me know in the comments!


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