Bleach London Violet Skies Review

It has been a while since I tried a new hair colour. I was trying to avoid adding more colours and attempt to fade back to blonde for my brother’s wedding – harder than you would imagine! The wedding has been and gone, so time for some new colours!

I thought since it’s October, I would go for a cooler light purple  – straying from my usual warm pinky tones that I love. So I picked up Bleach London non permanent in Violet Skies from boots. I was keen to give Bleach London a try since I love using their bleach kits and the range is all clearly labelled vegan and is reasonably priced.

To give a bit of background into my hair’s starting point, I have blonde balayage (homemade) throughout my hair, though it’s grown out a fair bit now, but the ends are still quite blonde, and my hair in general is in good condition.


I read online that to make the colour stick better I should apply it to dry hair and leave it on longer than the recommended 30 minutes. So thats exactly what I did. I put the product into a bowl and just used my fingers to comb it through my already detangled hair. I didn’t have any gloves to hand so just braved it and washed my hands right away after and there was no staining thankfully. I left it on for about an hour and 15 minutes then rinsed in warm water – the instructions say cool water but it’s October so thats not happening.


I could tell right away, even while still wet, that this dye did not stick to my hair. As my hair dried I saw the result was no more than a purple shampoo, it made my warm blonde into a cooler blonde with some very light violet highlights.


I used only half the bottle on my medium thickness, shoulder length hair so I decided to try again a day later and see if it would stick better the second time around. I again applied to dry hair and this time I left it on for 2 hours.

Second results:

The results from the second application were much more noticeable. I wouldn’t say it left my hair all that purple though. Much more on the white/grey scale, with some light pops of violet.



I really wanted to like this dye since it is so easily available but alas it was just not meant to be. It just didn’t stick to my hair well and worked much more like a toner. If I wanter a toner I would have bought a toner, you know?!

Anyways, I am still on a quest to find the perfect vegan, non permanent range for fun colours. I do love Arctic Fox and it sticks almost too well in my hair (see my review here), I just don’t like having to order it from Amazon, I like to be able to choose from the colour selection in person…

If anyone has any brand recommendations I would LOVE to hear about them!!

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    1. Ya I guess this stuff only works if you have like white blonde hair. Arctic fox sticks pretty good and I’ve used it over brown hair, but only dark colours will show up unless you bleach!


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