What I eat in a day as a normal vegan person – (while marathon training)

It’s been a while since my last what I eat in a day post and I would like to start them up again so that I have a good back catalogue in case anyone wants to see what a relatively heathy day of eating looks like for a vegan normo. 

I thought, since marathon training is currently taking over my life (spending time running, talking about running, exhausted from running, panicking about running far, and being disgusted with my runners feet) I thought I might as well choose a day with a somewhat long run in it. The only thing that differs from a non running day is probably a bit more snacking and a small increase in portion sizes.  Honestly I don’t usually feel extra hungry on run days, for me it comes the day after a long run. I guess I could do a refuel day one time and compare the two!

So lets get into pre run breakfast:

I always drink a big glass of lemon water and large cup of tea with soy milk and date syrup, literally everyday. I also had a toasted sesame bagel with cream Sheese, some cucumber slices and salt.


I don’t normally like to eat right away but since I needed to get a run done in the morning before work I had to eat early in order to be digested before the run. I like running on an empty (or only water and tea) stomach in the morning but when I am running over 5 miles I find I need to have some fuel beforehand, hence the bagel.

7 miles done in the lovely early morning cool weather (not a morning person so this is an exciting new thing for me!) I had some water, blackberries and watermelon pretty much right when I got in the door.

I was in a bit of a rush to get showered and get to work so I made a super simple plate of carrots, broccoli, rice crackers and hummus. I was hoping to also have a smoothie to take with my but unfortunately I ran out of time.


I ended up getting pretty hungry in the afternoon but didn’t have anything to eat with me at work, so as soon as I got home I had a glass of Oatly chocolate milk and some more rice crackers with hummus.

For dinner I made one of my favourite hearty meals, lentil and spinach curry on rice. I always crave lentils after a long run (and most of the time really) and had been looking forward to it all afternoon – as you do.


I find this meal super satisfying though that didn’t stop me from ending the day properly with a Booja Booja Truffle and a cup of mint tea!

I really have no idea if this is a good day of eating in terms of marathon training because this is my first marathon and therefor I have nothing to compare it to, but since I’m on week 10 now I feel like I should start reading up! I would love to hear what kind of meals you eat post run or any other sports nutrition tips!

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