Bleach London Dip Dye Review

Recently, for the first time in a long time I found myself back to my natural hair colour, so of course I was desperate for a change! Last summer I had some pink balayage done on my hair at The Rabbit Hole (vegan salon in London!) and really liked how it looked when the pink faded away so I thought I would try to do an at home, budget friendly version of this.

In all honesty, I didn’t follow the instructions in the package. Instead of a dip dye, I was going for a slightly more natural look, so I sectioned my hair out and used foils to give my hair some dimension. If you are going for a more balayage style like me I do recommend applying it this way, though through my experience I would say make sure to start on the top layer, so it will end up being the lightest. Unfortunately I did the opposite so I will be getting another kit to highlight the top section.


The Application:

First things first I mixed the powder in with the developer, which got a bit messy because the tray is pretty small. It’s worth your time to lay a bit of paper towel underneath. I also recommend opening the powders with scissors so that you don’t end up inhaling any of the bleach while ripping the package. Once that was all mixed up I applied some of the transition cream into my hair. I didn’t  use much of this stuff since I was using foils which helps with the harsh lines. Then I applied the bleach with the brush that comes in the package. I recommend working the bleach into the sections of your hair really well so that it doesn’t get patchy. Near the transition area I worked the bleach in even more and kind of backcombed my hair a little to avoid a hard line. I then left the bleach in my hair (wrapped in foils) for 20 minutes then checked it. It was a bit yellow/green – most people’s hair will be coppery at this point but I have previously used indigo henna in my hair, so I decided to leave it on for another 10 minutes.   Then I rinsed my hair with cold water for about 5 minutes then washed it twice. I then applied the conditioning mask that came in the package and left that in my hair for 10 minutes then rinsed it out.

The Result:

The conditioning mask worked great and left my hair feeling really soft and moisturized. Now that its been a few weeks, it’s clear that I need to keep up with conditioning masks as my ends get much more easily tangled and feel quite dry. Luckily I have loads of the mask left in the tube! As I said previously my hair becomes green/yellow toned when bleached because of applying henna last year so I was prepared for that result and had some virgin pink Arctic Fox to mix into my conditioner to tone out some of the green. The bleach worked well at stripping my colour and the conditioner restored most of the damaged hair, so no complaints there. My mistake with this application was that I started applying the bleach on the bottom section of my hair first, which meant at the end it was lighter than the top. I have already picked up another kit (did I mention they are only £8?!)  and will be highlighting the top section of my hair to brighten it up a bit more for spring!


I think if you are going to do some at home bleaching, this kit is really a great way to go. It is great value considering I would probably pay £3-4 for the tube of conditioning mask alone, so £8 is really a bargain. I would do a bit of research before the application unless you want the classic dip dyed look. I watched a few youtube videos on how to balayage and found it really helpful. I also think timing the bleaching session soon before getting a trim is a great plan (I have one scheduled soon!), because no matter how careful you are or how expensive the salon, bleaching is going to do a bit of damage.

It makes me feel so positive seeing such a big brand like Bleach London, printing “suitable for vegans” on the box. It just goes to show how many people are actually thinking about and choosing to buy cruelty free beauty these days!

4 thoughts on “Bleach London Dip Dye Review

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    1. Thank you! I am the most indecisive person in the world when it comes to hair so I am always trying loads of stuff haha quite like the blonde for summer though 🙂


    1. Ya you should go for it! These kits are really good value and super easy to use. I think find a look you like and try to find some youtube tutorials or blog posts on how to do it. Helped me loads 🙂


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