Vegan Afternoon Tea at Lele’s Cafe

Back in February (where has this year gone?!) my mum came over from Vancouver to visit me here in London. While she was here I was lucky enough to have some time off work so I got into full on holiday mode.

We ventured out and visited some spots that I have meaning to see since moving here 2 years ago, some highlights being Primrose Hill and Kew Gardens!

Living on separate continents means we don’t always get to be there for each others birthdays and special occasions so we decided to have a joint celebratory nice time during her visit, in the most British way, by going for afternoon tea.


I noticed on a previous brunch visit to Lele’s that they had an afternoon teas on Sundays, and if you have seen their patisserie goodies you would know how excited I was to try it! I emailed them ahead of time (about 2 weeks before) because I know the cafe is quite small, and in the end I’m glad I did since every table was full up for 3pm tea! I gave a £10 deposit per person which is completely understandable considering the amount of baking and prep goes into these goodies and how few tables there are.

We arrived on time (yay us!) and the other tables were filling up as well (with people and doggos:)) We got our tea – you could choose to have coffee instead if you prefer, and enjoyed the atmosphere (watched the dogs mostly.)  The first course was sandwiches and veggies. Something about these little crustless sandwiches that is so simple yet delicious. We especially enjoyed one with sweetcorn. Sweetcorn in a sandwich, who knew!


Then the main event! A 3 tiered platter of sweet treats including my favourite, fresh scones with butter and jam! We made a pretty good dent between the 2 of us, but brought home a sizeable doggy bag for my husband as well.


I loved my first all vegan afternoon tea experience! The atmosphere was warm and casual and the food was beautiful to look at and even better tasting! I also thought the price was incredibly reasonable, as the final cost was £36 for the 2 of us! A really lovely experience if you are visiting London, hosting visitors or have something special to celebrate! 

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