Superdrug Colour Rewind review

About 2 months ago I coloured my hair using a permanent dye for the first time in years. It resulted in my hair being at least 2 shades darker than I was going for. (see my post reviewing Natrutint  permanent hair dye) So with spring coming up and my roots starting to show though, I thought it was a good time to get my hair back to its lighter, natural colour – though if you know me, you know it wont last long!

I love that all of Superdrug brand hair care and cosmetics are not tested on animals and most things are suitable for vegans and are labeled so. I picked up this box of extra strength colour rewind for a very reasonable £8.


In the box there were gloves and easy to follow instructions, very similar to a hair dye kit. I had to mix 2 parts together and apply it all over my head and comb through, which wasn’t super easy since I forgot to brush my hair beforehand, oops! With a towel wrapped around my shoulders, I waited for it to process for an hour. The application was all straight forward and not nearly as messy as dyeing can be, my only issue was that it absolutely stunk! It smelled really strongly of rotten eggs, and the smell didn’t dissipate quickly either. After the hour passed I rinsed my hair in the sink for 5 minutes. I had covered my sink in plastic since it is white, but the water ran basically clear which was a bit confusing. I then washed twice as recommended with the last bottle in the kit. My hair felt insanely dry after this so I also conditioned.


Even without drying my hair, I could tell it was lighter right away. I do have red tones in my natural colour but this defiantly left my hair much more ginger than I am naturally, which I actually really like, but something to be mindful of if your not into red hair. After a few days, either I got used to the change or the light/redness got toned down somehow and it darkened back to my more natural colour. I wouldn’t say it got rid of all the colour, but it did remove a lot of it. I have to say, my hair doesn’t feel that great after this process. I think it had a pretty drying effect especially on the length of my hair, so I will be using lots of coconut oil and trying some hair masks to get it back to looking and feeling really healthy before I go on my next hair colour adventure.


For reference here is a photo from before I dyed my hair with the permanent dye.



I’m happy I tried this product and am very happy a vegan version exists! I wouldn’t want to be using it often though because it did seem to damage my hair a little (nothing that a deep condition and a bit of coconut oil can’t fix), but if you are really not loving the colour you dyed your hair it is a reasonably priced and an effective solution.

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