February Favourites

It’s been a good while (before Christmas!) since I’ve done a monthly favourites post, so I’ve got quite a few bits that I have been enjoying over the last few months to share.

Urban Decay cream lipstick


I’ve never actually tried any Urban Decay products before, but my husband was passing the shop one day and they had a big sign saying “Vegan Lipstick” so my dude went in there and chose me a shade (Rapture) that he thought I would like (I do!) and brought me home a little treat, because he’s that kind of guy. Lucky, I know. Anyways I really like the lipstick, its great for everyday wear since it’s much less drying than the matte ones I usually use. Definitely one that needs reapplying but it doesn’t smear everywhere, just kind of gradually fades.

Vegan bunny co. candle 


I saw these cute little candles on Instagram a while ago and was actually looking into ordering some as Christmas gifts, but ended up leaving it too late. Or so I thought! The candle maker was actually at the Hackney Downs Christmas market, which I stopped at on our way out of London for the holidays! Perfect. I got a Sweet Orange one and it smells so so good. It’s so nice to have something handmade, makes me treasure it even more. 

Naturtint permanent hair colour 


I’ve written a more comprehensive review of Naturtint here, but thought I would mention it here, since it has left my hair feeling healthier than it did before dyeing it, which is very uncommon with a permanent hair dye! Worth paying a bit more in my opinion, though do be cautious as the colour turned out a few shades darker than the box!

Dr. Organic Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner 


Since I coloured my hair, I wanted to get some colour safe shampoo and conditioner. I really like this one since it feels like a good balance of really natural, colour safe ingredients and actually getting my hair feeling clean. The conditioner also works great.

Dr. Organic Olive Oil Day Moisturizer 


I have been loving Dr. Organic products recently! This to me, is the perfect day time moisturizer for someone with medium/dry skin. Works great under makeup and is not greasy or heavy. Love it! (Not all Dr. Organic products are vegan, since some contain honey and bee’s wax but the Olive oil range is)

Dream Cream from Lush 


Speaking of moisturizers, I can’t believe it took me this long to find out about dream cream! I bought it initially as a post tattoo moisturizer since the shop didn’t have a vegan option, and I have to say I much preferred this cream for healing tattoos! It actually felt like my tattoo was being moisturized rather than having an oil slick overtop that would eventually rub off onto clothing. I have also started using it as a regular body moisturizer and just whenever and wherever possible really because it makes my skin feel great.

Kew Gardens 


This is the first time I’ve ever added a place to my favourites list, but I just loved Kew Gardens so much I need to share! It was snowing the day we went so it was a bit strange going from the snow to the tropical palm house and the Thai inspired orchid display, but in the best way. I’m so happy I picked up a membership on my way out so I can come back in the Spring, Summer and Autumn! I also picked up some magnolia and pear soap that genuinely smells just like my grandma and is labeled vegan! As well as this little bee tote and some wild flower seeds to bring all the bees to my yard. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in or near London.

I feel like this list is getting pretty long already so I wont go into movies and TV as there was nothing I felt super excited about these last few months, though rewatching Friends for the 20th time is going well.

At this point I am very ready for some Spring weather and have all my fingers and toes crossed that next months favs will include things like sunglasses, sweat proof makeup and floral dresses. One can dream.

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