November Favourites and Book of the Month

I decided to not post a favourites list last month because I really didn’t have much to share since I was being good, but this month I’ve gone off the rails a bit. To be fair to myself, it was my birthday this month, so some of these items were gifts from others and some gifts to myself!

Book: Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman

I have decided to do book of the month a little differently, instead of reviewing the book once I’ve finished it I thought I would just mention what I am currently reading.

This is the first of a 3 book series that my husband got me for my birthday. The third recently came out and he was surprised that I hadn’t read or heard of them before because apparently they are right up my alley. I’m only a few chapters in but am really enjoying it so far. I’m looking forward to having some good reading material for the holidays as well.

The first non book item on my list this month is Daddy-O shampoo from Lush. I have brown with silver/green balayage hair (yup) so I don’t really have the best colour to be testing out this purple shampoo, since it is meant to help keep the brassiness out of blonde, but I just wanted to give it a try and see what it would do to my hair. I’m glad I did because I really love this shampoo! First off, it cleans my hair really well, which is the most important thing of course, but it also smells like baby shampoo and is a metallic purple! It actually does tone some of my green bits into a slight pinky colour which is pretty crazy. I also think it adds a richness to my brown roots. 


I got a new tattoo this month so I thought I would include my go to, vegan tattoo aftercare products this month. So first, most important thing I think, is keeping the tattoo nice and clean. I use Dr. Bronner’s soap to do this. I really like the almond scent of this one and you really only need a few drops at a time so the little bottle goes a very long way.


To keep my tattoo moisturized I use Hustle Butter. The only downside of this stuff is that it smells so good that my dog tries to lick it off as soon as I put it on. It smells like mangos and goes on like a not so melty coconut oil, so is really easy to spread around on fresh, sore tattoo.

I have been searching for some warm cranberry shadows for a little while now and didn’t want to spend a fortune because I have never experimented with red shadow and wanted to just play around and see if it would suit my colouring. I found this Barry M, Fall in Love palette at Superdrug for 6£ and after a quick good search with many results saying it is vegan, I went for it! There is a really nice mixture of colours that really go well together so you can make a variety of looks work with only this palette. The colour is quite pigmented, didn’t have much fall out and lasted well all day, when worn with a primer. Really great product for the price.

Superdrug / Barry M had a deal at the time going that if you spend a certain amount (£6 or £8 I think) you got a set of nail polish and lipstick free, exciting! This set was actually labeled vegan, which I have never seen on a Barry M product before, so that was a pleasant surprise. The lipstick was a matte metallic ruby colour which blew my mind a bit. It is very much out of my comfort zone but looking forward to wearing it to some holiday parties! They paired that with a shimmery ruby polish which I couldn’t be happier with for this time of year. This was my first time buying Barry M make up and it definitely wont be my last.


I don’t normally incorporate food items into my favourites but I just am really happy with this purchase so I thought I would mention it. I am trying (not very successfully) to cut down on refined sugar, and since I have a tsp in every cup of tea, I wanted to try an alternative. I picked up this date syrup by Meridian. The ingredients are just dates and water, and it surprisingly tastes really nice in tea and on my oats!


In November I got hooked on Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I watched this show on and off as a child and never gave it the appreciation it deserves. It is funny, charming and feel good, you just can’t help but love the characters. I’m on season 2… 6 more to go! 

If you are looking for an easy watch comedy show, I would recommend Josh. It is silly and fun. It also makes me happy that I can now understand around 30% of references/jokes in British TV shows like this (after living here for almost 2 years!) It is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

I also started watching Jonathan Creek, which I heard of through the previously mentioned show. It is super dated and fun to predict who dunnit.

Well that brings me to the end of November’s list. I can’t believe how quickly that month flew by! It’s now December 3rd and I’ve got my Christmas tree up and I am in full holiday spirit! I know December is going to fly by as well so I want to enjoy it while it lasts. I hope you are all having a nice run up to the holidays!

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