September favourites and book of the month

Since I missed out on my August favourites due to extreme wedding busyness, I have included a few items from over the last 2 months, though I did try to keep it under control and not too wedding heavy! So lets get right into it, starting with the Book of the Month.

Book: The Handmaid’s Tale By Margaret Atwood

I am so happy to actually have a book to share this month!

This book was originally published in 1985, and they have just now turned it into a TV series. So when I saw it in Smiths on my way to the airport, I picked it up for some poolside holiday reading in Rome.

Right from the beginning it was one of those books I didn’t want to put down and ended up finishing it in only a few days, which is very fast for me! Without giving too much away, it’s told from the point of view of a woman in a dystopian future in the US, where a religious group has overthrown the government. It is pretty sad and horrifying at times, but I really enjoyed the read. I highly recommend it! I will eventually try the TV series as well because I am curious to see how it matches to the picture in my head.

Now onto my finds:


Over the holidays I used up the last of my Pacifica moisturizer and needed a replacement for my face. I thought I would try the Celestial moisturizer from Lush this time, though I did really like the Pacifica one and will most likely go back to it in the warmer months. Now that the weather is getting cooler I need more of a heavy duty moisturizer because I dry out so easily. I tested a few out at lush and I liked the thickness of this cream as well as the subtle smell. This moisturizer is very thick and perfect for those with dry skin but may be too much for those with more oily skin. I only use this cream at night because it tends to feel heavy on my face under makeup but in the morning my skin still feels great. I am looking for something else to wear under my makeup and very well may try some Pacifica products next month. 


I really like this gentle oatmeal exfoliate from Superdrug for my face, chest and legs to help with the dry skin that having a Roman holiday in the sun then straight into Autumn brings. Also can’t beat the price at Super drug, this was under 3 pounds.


I picked this Polaroid camera up to use at the wedding, though to be honest, I had been wanting one for ages and thought this would be a perfect excuse… and it was! It was so fun and pretty easy to use, once you figure out what setting you need for the light you are in. I didn’t think it was too expensive, though the film is where it gets pricey. A tip from me would be to order film on amazon rather than buying in stores like Urban Outfitters because it was over double the price in store.


I’m so happy to have finally found my perfect everyday shade of KVD liquid lipstick. Lovesick is a gorgeous pinky nude and the formula is just right. I love all my *8 shades of KVD liquid lipstick and am sure I will buy more but this along with Lolita are ones that will need replacing because I wear them so often.


I am not really one to wear jewellery very often so when I started thinking about what kind of ring I would really be comfortable wearing all the time everyday, the first thing I thought was a tiny thin band that I would hardly feel. I came across this delicate rose gold band from Dressed2thenines on Etsy and absolutely loved it right away. I didn’t even know rose gold existed – as I mentioned, I’m a jewellery noob! I ordered it slightly too close to the date for comfort but the maker assured me it would come in time and it did! It fit perfectly and came in a cute box.


I have been looking for some vegan probiotics to start taking ever since I listened to the Rich Roll podcast with Robynne Chutkan (EP192) – all about the micro biome. I find it all so interesting, especially that the heath of your micro biome actually influences what foods you crave! Unfortunately early this year I had to take some antibiotics and since that does a number on your micro biome, I’ve been eager to get it into good health. Recently a vegan supplements company (Vegavero) reached out to me to try a few of their products, and I was very happy to see probiotics on the list. I’ve been taking these for about a week now and hope that my intestines are thanking me.

sept 5

Now, I have always enjoyed a soy matcha latte, but recently I tried a matcha scone from Hai Dozo (in the Brick Lane Market) and have fallen in love with the flavour in baked treats. I always tend to do a little more baking in the Autumn so I thought I would work on making some matcha sweet treats of my own!                                                         Vegavero also sent me a tub of their matcha powder to try so I am pretty excited to get working on some new recipes. I also really enjoy a pre work or pre run matcha smoothie, since it has that extra little caffeine boost too.


I got this ‘Mad for Matte’ ELF palate while I was in Vancouver. It has a good assortment of warm and cool matte neutral shades. I use it all the time and think it is a great addition to my collection. The shadows blend well and have decent staying power. A huge bargain for $12.


Call the midwife –  I have been loving this show recently. I think it is at least partly because it is set right near where I live in London but in the 1950’s. I mean I love a good period drama but it doesn’t really get better than that! Very happy that Netflix has all 5 seasons as well.

The big sick – I really enjoyed this movie. It was funny and cute and a little sad, right up my alley. This one is also on Netflix.

Thats all I’ve got for favourites this month. If anyone has recommendations for a facial moisturizer that sits well under make up I would love to hear it! Or any other recommendations in general for me to try, let me know!

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  1. I probably should’ve read the book first, but I thought the Handmaid’s Tale show was really well done & included it in a past favorites post! The Mad for Matte palette is one of my favorites as well! I may have to try that moisturizer because my skin is often dry. Also I love Polaroids (I still have mine from the 90s/2000s that I use), and have been wanting to get an Instax too. Great post!


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