Arctic Fox Review: Virgin Pink on brown hair

This is my second time trying Arctic Fox, the first time being my Transylvania on virgin hair review. Before I used Virgin Pink, the blue/black colour had almost completely faded, leaving behind a tinge of green in my medium brown hair. I decided to get a little bit of balayage done to lighten things up a bit and also to try and extinguish the persistent green. The green stuck around but at least it lightened up. To combat the green in my hair, I was told (by the stylist at an all vegan salon in London!) to add a red or pink wash. I’m not sure of the brand the one he used at the salon, it was beautiful but did not last very long. I also tried Manic Panic Cotton Candy and it managed to balance the green but not much pink came through. So I decided to give Arctic Fox a try to see if I could get some pink going.

The application:

I found the application for this incredibly easy. I wore gloves and put vegelene around my hairline, as I did when applying Transylvania, but the pink seemed to run and stain much less.

I sectioned my hair, then applied the dye with my fingers and combed it through so it was even. Once it was applied to my whole head, I wrapped it in plastic wrap and used a hair dryer to heat it up for a few minutes. I was planning to leave it on for a few hours but I ended up doing it quite late at night and got tired, so I washed it out after about 1.5 hours. I rinsed it in the sink under cold water for about 5 minutes, until the water was running clear. Then I had a quick shower and gave it one more rinse to try and clean my scalp up a little bit. My hair was mostly dry when I went to sleep but I wrapped a towel around my pillow just in case, though I didn’t notice any colour transfer in the morning.

The results:

I was shocked at how dark pink it came out, especially after my subtle results with manic panic. Even the brown, unhighlighted areas of my hair turned almost a burgundy purple. I really loved the vivid colour but that was definitely not what I thought of when I purchased the colour ‘Virgin Pink.’ The colour lasted through the first 3 washes without fading much at all, and I was able to get a clean scalp after one shampoo. It had mostly washed out in about 2 – 3 weeks, although I was not taking much care to make it last as I was on holiday in the sun, doing lots of swimming in chlorinated pools.



Be prepared for vivid colour! If you have lighter hair or are looking for a more mild pink you could always mix this dye with some basic conditioner to tone things down.  I really like this product, it smells great, it’s easy to apply, and the colour actually stuck to my hair incredibly, which can be an issue if you tend to change your colour quickly, but I think it fades to a light enough shade that almost any colour would cover it. Do beware, if your hair is brown it may turn out more purple than pink, other than that I would completely recommend this product especially as it is a vegan company that also donates some of their profits to animal charities!

Although Arctic Fox is an American company, it is available on and I got it delivered in under 2 days.

6 thoughts on “Arctic Fox Review: Virgin Pink on brown hair

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  1. Hey! I just colored my hair that color right now (its still processing)! My hair is virgin and brown so I am VERY excited to see the outcome and I hope that I look as wonderful as you!!!


    1. Oh nice how did it turn out?? I actually had bleached ends in my hair which got really bright pink, where as the rest went a darker pinky purple. So curious to know how well it stuck to non bleached ends!


  2. This is so cute 😍😍 can I ask if the colour completely washed out? I’m ash blonde atm but just want a temp washed out purple colour? X


    1. Thanks! I have tried many arctic fox colours and some have washed out completely and some have stuck. In my case it really depended on my hair at the time of dying it. When I had super bleached hair, the colour would fade but never fully go away until I dyed over it. But with my natural hair colour, it washed out in a few weeks. x


  3. This is so cute 😍😍 can I ask if the colour completely washed out? I’m ash blonde atm but just want a temp washed out purple colour? X


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