July Favourites

I have a medium sized list of favourites to share this month. Yet again I have not finished my book of the month. Hopefully now that I am officially on holiday and have a 10 hour flight ahead of me, I might finally finish my book and maybe even start a new one! One can dream. Anyways, here we go;


As some of you may know I am getting married in a few weeks! I’ve got a mid length dress so I thought I better get me some cute shoes. I am not much of a heel wearer so I also needed something comfortable and something I would be less likely to fall over in. I had a look online and found these beautiful wedges from Toms. I recently wrote a blog post about finding vegan shoes, and Toms were on the top of my list. Toms are generally pretty comfortable and the website has a vegan filter, so these were pretty easy to find. I’m sure I will end up barefoot at some point in the day but it will be nice to start off in these floral lovelies.



I got this hand lotion from the Body Shop as a gift from someone who didn’t know that I’m vegan. I kind of forgot about the body shop as an option. I knew they didn’t test on animals and was very happy to see the huge list of vegan products they have once I looked into them. I found a list of vegan products on theplasticdiaries.com that is pretty simply laid out. I was frantically searching for the coconut body butter on there as that was my absolute favourite cream in my youth, but sadly it was not on the list 😦 


What would my monthly favourites be without a super drug own brand product?! I needed to pick up some suncream for my upcoming holiday and didn’t feel like trekking to whole foods to get my usual Jason one. Solait was probably 1/3 of the price I usually pay and on top of that it was buy one get one 1/2 off, so now I’m set! This stuff smells nice and feels nice. Two thumbs up.


I rarely wear anything but a clear coat on my nails, but since I’m off on holidays I thought I would treat myself and get a new colour to decorate my toes. Whenever I’m in Superdrug, the Barry M nail colours always caught my eye so I had a look online and it turns out tons of their products are vegan! On their website there is a green vegan symbol on all the vegan items ingredients list. This is also so great to have another affordable brand with tons of vegan options. I see a haul/product review in the near future!


Last week I wrote a post about the mini e.l.f. haul that I recently purchased and the highlighter is sadly the only thing making my favourites list this month – though I do quite like the baked eyeshadow as well. This is a really good quality highlighter for a good price.


I just finished watching Glow (a netflix original) last night, and I just love it so much. I don’t know what else to say about it except I would like more episodes please.

I am also re watching Gavin and Stacey for probably the 6th time. I love Nessa so much.

Thats about all I’ve got for favourites this month. If anyone has tried any of the Barry M products and have any favourites please let me know!

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