e.l.f. mini haul review

I had heard through the vegan grapevine that Superdrug started carrying e.l.f. cosmetics, which is super exciting because they are one of the few all vegan brands that retails at a drugstore price. Don’t get me wrong I love my KVD lipsticks and eyeliners but its hard for me to justify paying 40 pounds for a set of 3 eye shadows on the regular.

I had been searching all my local Superdrugs (tbh I checked about 5) but none of them had any e.l.f. products! At this point I had a few items picked out to replace things I had run out of so I decided to make an order online. Of course I ended up with a few items that weren’t on my list but (amazingly) I managed to keep it under £30. The website was easy to use and I received free shipping because I spent over £20. The only thing I was a bit put off by was the amount of time it took to arrive. I know its coming from the US but I thought 5 weeks was quite long, especially since I am going on holiday soon and really wanted it to arrive before leaving.

I have given all the products a few tries now so here are my honest thoughts;

e.l.f. Studio cream eyeliner £4.50


I much prefer a liner that I can put on with a brush compared to a pencil because I find it achieves a much more precise wing opposed to a black smudge. So when I saw this cream liner I thought I would give it a try. First impression was not good at all but that was mainly due to the little brush that came with it. Seriously, it’s awful. But then I tried it again with my own liner brush and had a better experience. The liner stayed on through the day well but is not nearly as pigmented as the KVD liner, (which I love but $$$) so from the get go it looks a little faded. I will continue to use this liner for when I want a less dramatic look but will most likely be repurchasing the KVD one.

e.l.f. Studio baked eyeshadow in Pixie £4.50


I don’t know whats gotten into me recently, but I’ve been using a lot more pink in my makeup (and now in my hair!) I ordered this because I was looking for something to help me achieve a rose gold look for my upcoming wedding. My first impression again was not great. First time I put it on, it was basically just a shimmer without any colour. I had remembered seeing a tip online somewhere (probably the MakeupAddiction subreddit) that said with the baked products you need to scrape off the top layer to get better pigment. So I gave it a try and it was instantly so much better! I really like the soft pink colour, still working on finding the right gold to blend it with so the pink doesn’t get lost.

e.l.f. Studio baked bronzer in St Lucia £4.50


Again, once I scraped off the top layer of this bronzer I really liked it. Works well to get a bit of that summer glow.

e.l.f. Studio baked highlighter and blush in Rose Gold £5


I ordered this one again for my idea of a rose gold makeup look for my wedding and it is absolutely perfect. Once again I needed to scrape the top layer off, but once I did, this highlighter is so gorgeous and glowy.  The pink adds a really nice effect in combination with the bronzer and I just might end up using this stuff on my face and eyes for that look.

e.l.f. Studio contouring blush and bronzing cream in St Lucia £5


This product is pretty far out of my comfort zone and I really didn’t know what to expect. I have always just used a bit of bronzer on my cheek bone and under my chin as a ‘contour’ but I saw this product had really good reviews so I thought I would give it a try. I am still kind of working out how to use this properly (watching all the Youtube videos) but as far a first impressions go I’m pretty into it. Its really nice and creamy feeling and blends really easily. The shade of both the bronzer and the blush are really gorgeous. I think I will be reaching for this product pretty regularly.

e.l.f. Studio illuminating mist and set £5


I had never used a setting spray before so I wan’t really sure what to expect from this product. I was hoping that it would give me that dewey look and that maybe it would help keep my makeup last longer, though the foundation I use (Tarte amazonian clay) is pretty long lasting in my opinion. At this point, I’m not convinced that this product really does anything besides slightly wetting my face. I will give it a few more tries, especially since I haven’t really tested it out on a full day wear to see if it helps lasting power. I will update once I have a better idea of what this product actually does.

Even though I wasn’t super excited about some of these products, I still think they were worth the money. I got all 6 products for under £29. I would have been happy to pay that for the contour, highlighter and eye shadow, so overall I am really happy with my order and will be purchasing e.l.f. products in the future. I am still on the look out for Superdrug shops that have an e.l.f. section so if anyone knows of any (preferably in East London!) please let me know!

4 thoughts on “e.l.f. mini haul review

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  1. I have the same highlighter/blush compact and I love it! Love all their baked ranges. I’m so happy e.l.f. is available in Superdrug now (and thankfully one of my locals stocks it) as the website is great but shipping takes far too long for this impatient shopper…

    Also, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who looks up YouTube videos to try to learn how to contour properly. It’s still beyond me… xD

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  2. yea the ELF eye liner brush sucks! I was not too impressed with the product either, it doesn’t stay put. I love Colourpop’s black eyeliner. It stays put for the whole day when I wear it. The only thing I love of ELF’s so far is their face powder to help with my shiny oily face. 😀


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