Top 5 vegan burgers in London

Burgers are one of those foods that are loved by many and can satisfy like no other.  Over the last year I have put in the hard work, taste testing every spot I could find, to bring you a list of my absolute favourite vegan burgers in the city. Knowing where to get a good burger is essential when hosting friends and family from out of town, and for when that craving hits. Vegan burgers are also a great transition food for veggies and omnivores trying out vegan food for the first time since the appearance is not hugely different and usually comes with chips, which I have discovered is quite important to the British.

When we are talking burgers, my preferences tend to be leaning towards more of a veggie/bean taste and texture over a mock meat burger. Though my fiancé who has the opposite vegan burger ideals, has tested and approved of each of these top eateries, so we have you covered either way.

Here we go, in no particular order:

  1. Pomodoro E Basillico – We are starting off with a tasty bang. Pomodoro E Basilico is distinct from the others on my list as it is not a full on restaurant, but an all vegan food stall located in the boiler house in Brick lane. It’s hard to imagine without a restaurant kitchen, what kind of effort and prep work it takes to create such glory that is these burgers. They have a few options available, my favourite being the ‘schnitzel’ burger that is the perfect combo of crispy patty, super soft bun and flavoured mayo for days. They also have sweet treats and other baked goodies to choose from. 
  2. Mooshies  Mooshies is a 100% vegan burger bar, again located in Brick Lane. This area is serious vegan heaven.  There are 4 unique burger options available and after much deliberation I am going to have to say the Fillet om Phish is my favourite, which is saying something from someone who is not normally a fan of aubergine. They also do cheesy fries and other little tasty bites. I recently had the privilege of writing a guest blog post for their website and met one of the owners, who is a genuinely nice guy who cares about the vegan community. The restaurant is colourful and casual, all I really want or need in a great burger bar.
  3. The Gallery Café – I have written about the gallery before and if you follow me on instagram you will know that I am a regular. I usually go for breakfast, though when I am craving a super flavourful veggie style patty, this is my go to spot. Doesn’t hurt that its only a short walk from my flat and has a gorgeous garden. Also vegan croissants. I think thats all that needs to be said.
  4. The Full Nelson – I have to say overall this was my favourite find, not because the burgers were the best (they are damn good though) but because it is a fun place to be. They play great music, have strong (and tasty) drinks, and have an incredible selection of vegan junk food such as mac n cheese, wings, and fried pickles which I haven’t seen ANYWHERE else (please let me know if you have because they are my everything). It is located in Deptford, which I will admit, I hadn’t heard of before finding this place, but it is super easy to get to on the DLR as it is a 2 minute walk from the station. Very much worth a trip.
  5. Arancini Brothers – I found this restaurant by chance one evening after being rejected from Pamela in Dalston (always reserve a table!) and was wandering around with some friends trying to find some food. We recognized the name from a stall we had seen at the vegan Christmas market, but didn’t get a chance to try. This is not a vegan or even vegetarian restaurant, but it is always good to have a place like this to go with friends or family that are not into vegan food. The concept for the burgers seems a bit strange, being risotto balls with burger fixings in a bun… but just go with it, they are full of flavour and absolutely delicious. Along with the Dalston location there is also one in Kentish Town and one on Old street.

Honourable mentions:

BrewDog – They have a tasty seitan steak burger. I have found the quality to be variable based on location but the Shoreditch location seems to be reliable. They also have many vegan beers 🙂

Mildred’s – Probably London’s most popular veggie restaurant, I really enjoyed the  polish burger and always enjoy their extensive cocktail list.

Temple of Seitan – TOS didn’t make the list only because they technically make fried chik’n sandwiches rather than burgers. If you haven’t tried this all vegan fried chik’n shop in Hackney yet, I couldn’t recommend it more highly

I feel so lucky to live in a city where this list is only made difficult by the amount of choice, as I know many of you lovely vegans are out there are living your lives in much less vegan friendly places. If that is the case, I hope this list will encourage a visit to this wonderful city, or even better, to open a vegan burger spot of your own in your city! Do it! I will come taste test 🙂

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