London’s newest all vegan café – The Fields Beneath

I was eager to try this cafe because I really admired the way they went about making the transition to becoming a vegan business. They were honest about their journey, posting this thoughtful letter prominently, stating their reasons for making the switch. 

The Fields Beneath is in Kentish Town, literally right next to Kentish Town West overground station, which made things super easy for me coming from Hackney Wick. It is a smaller space with lots of natural light and clean interesting decor, using storage containers as bench seats and shelves filled with oat milk. The atmosphere was warm and the staff gave off the vibe that they were genuinely happy to be at work, which really makes all the difference in creating an inviting atmosphere.

The food display was beautiful and though there was not a huge selection, what they did have looked fresh and delicious. I decided to go for the tofu banh mi, which was by far the best sandwich I have had in years. So much flavour packed in with tons of fresh vegetables inside a fresh baguette. The choice of sweet treats was slightly overwhelming for me as I was trying to keep things under control and only buy a few goodies. I decided to go for a chocolate chip cookie which I was going to have with my rich and tasty oat flat white, but I was too full after scarfing the banh mi so I took it to go, along with a chocolate whoopie cookie filled with espresso cream. When I got around to trying these cookies later that evening, I immediately regretted offering to share them with my partner. The chocolate chip cookie was perfectly crunchy and buttery tasting and the whoopie cookie was just too good for words.

Overall I think The Fields Beneath is an exciting addition for London’s vegans and non vegans alike, and is very much worth a visit. I will most defiantly be back for more banh mi’s, coffees and sweet treats!

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