Vegan eats in Bow

This post is to share vegan finds in my neighbourhood, giving locals some vegan options and to inspire people to support vegan friendly local businesses. I will be updating this page as I explore more of Bow.

Magus & the Fool

A few months ago a new art cafe opened up on Roman Road. There seems to be tons of new cafes opening around this area, but what caught my eye was the chalkboard out front advertising vegan croissants. Of course I was hopeful that it was a vegan cafe and though that is not the case, I am pleased to say it has multiple vegan options.

The interior is really beautiful with red walls and exposed brick along with local art on the walls and independent comics on display. The man working was really friendly and made it easy for us to order the veggie breakfast and replace the eggs and hash browns with avocado and portobellos. I of course had the vegan pancakes. Both meals were yummy, though I have to say food wise The Gallery cafe is still my local go to.

The warm, creative atmosphere makes this cafe an ideal place to bring my laptop and get some writing done while treating myself to a croissant (filled with jam and coconut cream!) and a coffee.

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