The Search for London’s best vegan brunches – Part 1: The Gallery Cafe

So the title of this series is pretty self explanatory. I will be searching London for as many brunch spots serving vegan food as possible, trying them out and sharing my experience. It’s a tough job, I know.

Brunch is my favourite meal because:

  1. You don’t have to get up early for it.
  2. Pancakes.
  3. Mimosas are acceptable before noon.

This weeks brunch spot is my local go to in Bethnal Green, The Gallery Cafe. My friend told me about this place about a year ago when I was new to London and was exploring a few neighbourhoods in search of a flat. I went on a quiet January morning and I loved it instantly. It is bright and cozy inside, with ever changing displays of local art on the walls. For the warmer months, there is also a huge back garden to relax in. This cafe, combined with having Victoria Park on my doorstep made the decision to move to the area an easy one.

The menu is not huge, but it has all the bases covered in my opinion. Some options include pancakes with a choice of tasty toppings, avocado toast with house made pesto and a full english. I have tried all of these on multiple occasions (just to be sure) and have concluded that they are all delicious and I am unable to choose a favourite.

During a recent visit, I had noticed the pastry case looked different and the allergy display was gone, so I asked a staff member and was told they had recently switched to an all vegan bakery in Hackney. Of course I immediately ordered an almond croissant because where else can you have a vegan croissant?! I have to say its been years since having any non vegan baked goods but this to me tasted exactly as I remembered them. As if this cafe could get better, they also told me that they are working on transitioning to an all vegan menu instead of having the option for dairy on some items. Just so great.

Not only is The Gallery Cafe a beautiful spot serving a delicious variety of vegan foods, they are also part of St Margaret’s House which is a charity “supporting community, good works, creativity & wellbeing in Bethnal Green”, with all profits going back into the charity. Ayoka, the affiliated charity shop next door is also worth a look! 

I normally love checking out new vegan restaurants but this series will actually be a challenge for me as I am always so temped to stay local and come to the Gallery every weekend.

I should mention that brunch is served until 12, on the dot! If you do show up too late for breakfast, don’t worry – the vegan burger is one of the best I have tried in London!

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