Dinner and drinks with non vegans, Part 1: BoxPark Shoreditch

This series is for those of us that may be considered the picky eaters of the group, or maybe you are an awesome omnivore looking at options to for your vegan friends. Whatever your circumstance, this series is intended to give you options that everyone will be excited about, and BoxPark Shoreditch will do that.

BoxPark Shoreditch is a collection of shops, restaurants and bars all fitted together inside converted shipping containers. The street level is retail shops, which I admittedly have not explored much, although there is a donut shop which I’ve heard is working towards adding a vegan doughnut. Upstairs is made up of sections of long communal tables with multiple food and drink vendors. They have recently enclosed these areas more securely so it does keep heat in now but it is still worth wearing some layers. In the summer they remove the weather barrier and it turns into a massive patio. For this reason it is much easier to get a seat in the autumn and winter months, but is absolutely worth your time in any season. They play different music and have a range of vibes in each section, and often have DJs, live music and events, so whatever kind of night you’re after, you should be able to find a suitable seat.

Now on to the main reason I frequent this place so often, the food! While there is a variety of vegan options available from vendors such as Cottons Rhum Shack and Voodoo Rays, whose menus are mostly omnivorous, but have at least one great vegan option, the gem hidden right in the middle of this pile of containers is  Cook Daily. This place is all vegan and full of incredibly flavourful bowls of magic. My all time favourite dish is “Da Infamous,” a thai green curry with veggies and your choice of tofu, chickpeas or ‘chickn’ served on a combo of rice and quinoa.  They also offer a perfectly savoury noodle bowl, a warming coconut soup bowl, and loads more. Not only is the food incredible, it also leaves you feeling satisfied and like you have eaten something nutritious, so you can continue your evening of casual or non casual drinking, if thats your thing.  Cook Daily also has a sister restaurant called Home which is in the container diagonally across the same area, serving all vegan Thai food in a similar fashion. So much choice!

Something to think about when you are at BoxPark is that it is too easy to put off getting food while enjoying drinks and music but be warned that most of the food stalls stop serving at 9pm where drinks are served until 11pm. Eat earlier, then if you are hungry again after some drinks you can head up the road to The Pump and visit What the Pitta and try a glorious Vegan donair. Its greasy, salty and the perfect post pub feed. Also it’s BYO so you can pop into Tesco and grab a cheap beer to wash it down.

BoxPark is suitable for all occasions. I have been for birthday parties, afterwork dinner and drinks, afternoon Pimms jug pitt stops, messy nights and even celebrated a Canadian Thanksgiving with my parents here and have never been disappointed. It’s well worth a try.

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